NDR651: wideband digital transceiver


Wideband Digital TransceiverThe NDR651 is a wideband digital transceiver that includes two receiver (Rx) channels and two transmit (Tx) channels. The NDR651 provides independent frequency coverage from 2 MHz to 6000 MHz, with a 40 MHz bandwidth. Each Rx channel is digitized and can be processed using an on-board FPGA digital processor. Wideband Rx data is decimated using software selectable decimation stages and transmitted via a 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface. Onboard memory can be used to load and store waveforms for Tx transmission or the 10GigE data port can be used to stream waveforms to be transmitted. A baseband I/Q DAC is used to drive an I/Q modulator for direct frequency conversion to RF that allows the ability to generate up to 8 simultaneous waveforms and transmit all when they are within the transmit BW. The NDR651 supports independent or phase coherent tuning for both Rx and Tx. The NDR651 features an internal transmit combiner that allows both transmit signals to be combined into a single RF output signal. The unit can also combine the two internal Tx channels with an external signal onto a single RF output.




  • Agile and Surgical Jamming
  • Spoofing and Interrogation
  • DRFM
  • Record and Playback

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NDR651 Technical Datasheet
NDR651 Technical Datasheet
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