NDR131 VPX Antenna Switch Matrix


Software Direct Defined Digital SynthesizerThe NDR131 is a 6 GHz RF switch matrix in a 6U VPX form factor. The switch matrix selects one of three 8-Channel RF busses to split and route simultaneously to two 8-Channel outputs. There are a total of 24 RF inputs including 8 HF inputs covering 1.5 MHZ to 20 MHz, 8 VHF inputs covering 30 MHz to 600 MHz and 8 UHF inputs covering 500 MHz to 6000 MHz. Each of the 16 RF outputs cover the 1.5 MHz to 6000 MHz frequency range. The NDR131 has very high port-to-port RF isolation as well as extremely fast switching speed. The NDR131 includes the P0 and P3 backplane connectors defined in VITA 46.0 VPX standard with P0 providing DC power input and P3 providing the control interface to the unit's internal microprocessor.




  • Monitoring and Collection Systems
  • Direction Finding Systems
  • Development Platforms
  • Test and Training Systems

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NDR131 Datasheet
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